As a child, my brothers and I would spend a lot of time in Las Vegas with my parents. You must be wondering, what my parents were thinking bringing us to Vegas six times a year? Let me explain. My dad was born in 1914; he came from little and built himself a successful business. By the time my brothers and I came along he was well into his retirement years. He developed a love of blackjack and all things Las Vegas. He wanted to share that with us and teach us a few things about blackjack along the way. My brothers and I wound up spending a lot of time with the hotel staff that became like a second family to us. They would show us every little thing at the hotel and often let us help with events they had going on. Now that you know how I got to Vegas as a child, here is the rest. Being the youngest of five I was a total daddy's girl. In my eyes, there was no greater man than my dad (that is still true by the way).  So, I decided I was going to marry my dad. It seemed perfectly logical to a six year old, and my mom didn't seem to mind. I had seen more weddings and parties in Vegas than I could even count. So when I was six years old I planned my first wedding. I wore a white Ralph Lauren dress and used a twisty tie as a wedding ring. I commandeered the hotel staff at the Riviera and planned out a pretty elaborate reception. I forced my older brothers to walk me down the aisle and serve as my bridesmaids. As I got older, the parties became more frequent and much larger. So the groundwork for what would become The Social Revelry was laid. The years passed and my passion started to become my work. I created The Social Revelry with the concept that every party was important, no matter the size or the budget. I want people to experience that same excitement and joy I felt as a child. I still get that feeling with every event I plan. My hope is to share that feeling with each of you and help you plan the perfect moment of revelry.....xo sr